Being graffiti art, or street art, the murals will surprise the eyes and contradict the dichotomy between the urban and the rural. Each silo will tell a story.

Artistic coproduction

The international urban art agency Ashop has been chosen to work on the artistic coproduction of the Popsilos project. Ashop offers a turnkey service from artist management, conceptualization to production. Founded in 2009, they have painted over 100 000 square feet in six countries and have quickly become a reference in the street art world.

Cultural mentors
Cultural mentors, local visual artists, will host workshops with community groups to gather information and images to inspire the mural artists in their designs. They will also represent the community and share its symbols and stories with the mural artists, through their own experience and practice. Discover the cultural mentors

Mural artists
Mural artists will engage with the community and theme experts to fully capture Prescott-Russell’s vision of youth, diversity, the reconciliation of First Nations and the environment all the while recognizing its French Canadian heritage and its ties to agriculture through the story of the producer that has lent his silo to the circuit.


popsilos logo

The Popsilos project combines art and agrifood tourism in a circuit that leads to five giant murals celebrating Canada’s 150th on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, interlacing small producers where visitors can discover local produce and other products.

Site Plan


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