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8 route 600 East, Casselman
Closed for the season. ACCESS TO PROPERTY PROHIBITED. Best vantage point: County Road 8.

You are responsible for your own safety and security.

Popsilos mural: Life of Bees by Roadsworth. Theme : The Environment.

Roadsworth is known for transforming structures into integral colourful and conceptual parts of the environment. He did this with the silo by covering it completely with paint and creating a larger than life garden of wild flowers that are fitting for the farmland on which sits the silo. The sky painted on the silo merges with the colours of the actual skyline and the intertwining giant leaves and stems are a bit of a funny recall to Joe Johnston’s 1989 movie Honey I shrank the kids when one stands beside it. Bees are an important pollinator in our environment and although teeny-tiny, they accomplish a big job in the food chain. Roadsworth chose to celebrate bees and their role on his silo. The pink flowers, or specifically, the red clovers, were selected because they are pink, the colour symbolizing the celebration of inclusion and the anti-bullying movement, a nod to the owner at the time the mural was produced. 

The dream of country living: The Farmhouse 

Owners of this lovely farmhouse are Linda and Paul Marcil, both from Northern Ontario. For the time being, it's home to a young family as well as the owners' two ponies and cows. You'll surely be enchanted by the serenity of the area.

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Popsilos offers a unique touristic experience in Canada: a self-guided circuit that has visitors discover seven giant murals on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, while inviting them to stop at producers’ or artisans’ shops to check out local products.

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