Being a combination of graffiti art and street art, the murals will surprise the eyes and contradict the dichotomy between the urban and the rural. Each silo will tell a story, complemented by its environment. 

Artistic production

Popsilos proposes themes that open a discussion between farmers and artists, creating an inspiring exchange that often brings about the realization that many similarities exist between farmers and artists. Popsilos gives the artist the freedom to create his or her artistic vision, which in turn is inspired by the environment of the silo, the discussions had with the farmers, Popsilos or any other party that may brought into to the creative loop. The artist is asked to include a nod to the story of the farm that's lending their silo to the project. Themes explored thus far are youth, environment, diversity, unity of all people (2017) and more recently, the sowing and vulnerability. Since the inaugural production of five silos in 2017, Popsilos has worked with the international urban art agency Ashop Productions to produce the urban art murals on farm silos. Having produced over 100 000 square feet of murals in six countries, they have quickly become a reference in the street art world. 

Mural artists
Mural artists engage with the family who will lend them their silo for the project to learn more about the region and their story. They prepare their creative vision prior to the start of the production on-site. Actual on-site production lasts for an average of four weeks during which the artist lives on-site or close to the property, fully taking in the countryside environment. 

Cultural mentors (2017 edition)
Cultural mentors, local visual artists, hosted workshops with community groups to gather information and images to inspire the mural artists in their designs. They represented the community and shared its symbols and stories with the mural artists, through their own experience and practice. Discover the cultural mentors who took part in the 2017 edition of production. 


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Popsilos offers a unique touristic experience in Canada: a self-guided circuit that has visitors discover seven giant murals on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, while inviting them to stop at producers’ or artisans’ shops to check out local products.

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