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Closed for the season. Best vantage point: route 200. 

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“It’s important to listen to the earth, to understand its language to better take care of it for the future.”
- Jeannette Mongeon, owner

Popsilos Mural: Our youth, Our future by Lacey & Layla Art. Theme: The Unity of all People.

Lacey and Layla created a mural that illustrates the Unity of all peoples. Canada has a rich history and culture that holds the heritage of its founding peoples. The mural is a positive outlook on the relationships its peoples will continue to build and nurture through time. A bright-eyed young girl represents the non-judgmental heart of young children and her expression is one of ambition and joy. The artists chose to include a Golden Eagle, a bird that lives in the area, that has an important significance for Indigenous peoples, one that is a symbol of leadership and clear vision. The circular sun ties together the girl and the eagle, creating that continuous unity that must be shaped by every new generation, between its peoples and between the Earth and its elements.

Cattails are also painted on the mural. They are significant to Indigenous peoples as a source of food, for its medicinal purposes and as a building material. Furthermore, the cattails are a nod to the owners of the farm who have planted them on their land to create a natural water purification system.

The concept of the mural was designed with the help of Indigenous artist, writer and scholar Camille Georgeson-Usher.

Proud promoters of agriculture

As soon as we met Michel and Jeannette, we knew we’d have a good time. Their farm is full of treasures. Be it antiques, trinkets, green house projects, a pool table, a fire pit. All things that get you thinking of which projects you would set out to do should you be lucky to spend a day on the farm.

Once a dairy farm, a poultry farm, a rabbitry (imagine 2,000 rabbits!) and now, a producer of field crops... and who knows what might be next. Michel and Jeannette are always thinking up new projects. They also have a bee yard and make their own honey. On top of that, add five kids, board games and the Neighbourhood Watch group that keeps the whole family busy!

Michel and Jeannette are passionate about educating the local population, especially youth, on the importance of agriculture. They both sit on policy committees and association groups, moulding an informed and positive succession.

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Popsilos offers a unique touristic experience in Canada: a self-guided circuit that has visitors discover seven giant murals on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, while inviting them to stop at producers’ or artisans’ shops to check out local products.

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