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1163 Caledonia Springs Road, Alfred 
Closed for the season. Best vantage point: Caledonia Springs Rd. 

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Popsilos mural : Stardust by Ankh One. Theme : vulnerability.

The mural painted by the artist Ankh One illustrates the theme "vulnerability". In conversation, we realized that the artist's work and the farmer's work have many similar facets. We all live moments of vulnerability, at specific times in our lives, on Earth. These moments shape us as individuals, make us complete. The mural depicts the balance between humankind, nature and the comos: three elements that form a harmonious whole, precious, but also fragile. One may read the mural from left to right, much like a story unfolding. Its starting point being the human element, the man who gazes away towards the right, then, a lyrical representation of nature follows and contrasts with what is infinity, space, which we can consider like a field of possibilities, inspirations. Each environment influences the other and we're not always in control of what comes, but a balance seems to comfort us, helps us realize our projects and ambitions. Abstract colour markings represent those of pen markings and are a symbol of the future in construction, as it always is. The colourful abstract shapes remind us of arial views of fields. We can also see  the central element of the mural is a collection of three wheat stems, the cereal that has long been cultivated by the Lalande family. The artist chose to paint an arial view of the Lalande Farm to reflect the important elements in our lives that are shaped by the effects of this point of equilibrium in the universe, influenced by humankind, nature and the cosmos. The artist also painted a swallow that flies over the Lalande Farm, having somewhat made this arial space its own, to watch over the Farm or simply to assume its role as the Farm's official mascot. 

Where the product of meaningful exchanges and friendships are cultivated 

The Robert and Louise Lalande Farm is in its fifth generation. A beautiful, serene scene where the horizon is wide. If you visit the Farm, you will surely meet Robert and his son Eric who work there together every day.  You may also be greeted by sweet cats, Minou and Minette, or the little ducklings refreshing themselves in their charming pond. The Farm operates as a cash crops producer : wheat, hay, oat, soy. They also raise chickens. Ask them about it! They may even sell you one. Louise is passionate about art. She's an artist herself and spends time painting with oil colours. She loves animals and takes care of the small family of ducks. Robert and Louise have travelled extensively in the United States of America. They love exchanging stories with folks : they enjoy learning what other producers do and fill their luggage with conversations and good ideas. Eric is also an artist. He cuts his crops with such symmetry and design that he creates beautiful canvases in his colourful fields. 

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Popsilos offers a unique touristic experience in Canada: a self-guided circuit that has visitors discover seven giant murals on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, while inviting them to stop at producers’ or artisans’ shops to check out local products.

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