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“I think Popsilos is very cool and I am happy to be a part of it. It is a wonderful opportunity to share art and culture with those who make up our community at large.”
- Marty Kral, owner

Building an ecosystem one step at a time

Marty and Laurie Kral bought farmland in 1991. Eventually, in 2005, they planted grape vines, to start a vineyard. Little did they know, they would be starting much more. Their property today boasts 27 000 newly planted trees. A natural habitat that invites eagles, hawks and all types of birds to call it their home. Being an organic winery, an important thing for Marty in creating an ecosystem is for it to create the perfect natural chain that keeps his crop of grapes free from predators. He has snakes and rats and such that are all part of it. He even planted milkweed, which fosters a habitat for the endangered Monarch butterfly species who eat it and who need it for laying their eggs. This milkweed is also a great for pollinators such as bees. Marty and Laurie have a bee yard to call their own and they make their own honey.

They’ve created an absolute oasis of relaxation at the vineyard where you can have a drink of wine outside on their terrace and discover local cheese. They grow colder climate grapes such as Frontenac (red), Frontenac gris (white) and Servengy (red) and do everything from crushing to bottling their organic wines in-house. Oh, and all the bright cows are painted by Laurie!

Artist OMEN will be painting a mural themed Diversity at the Vankleek Hill Vineyard.

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The Popsilos project combines art and agrifood tourism in a circuit that leads to five giant murals celebrating Canada’s 150th on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, interlacing small producers where visitors can discover local produce and other products.

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