A few tips and tricks for your self-guided visit of the Popsilos circuit:

The first Popsilos circuit season came to a close on October 31, 2017. Stay tuned for it's reopening. Until then, you may drive by the silos on streets leading or adjacent to the properties. 

  1. Map and information is all online on the popsilos.ca website. Your smart phone will be handy! 
  2. Make sure the farmers’ properties are open to the public for the time at which you plan to visit. Every site has its own hours of operations. If not, you can view the silo from the roadside. 
  3. Respect the signs or barriers set-up by the farmers on their properties where entrance is prohibited. You are responsible for your own safety and security on site.
  4. Be respectful of the environment.
  5. Learn about the artwork online at popsilos.ca.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes suitable to farm grounds!
  7. You may or may not be greeted on site. All depends on the farmers’ workday! If they’re free, they’ll love to chat!
  8. If you plan on visiting certain local artisans or producers identified on the Popsilos map, also check in on the website provided to ensure they are open to visitors at the time you plan to visit. 
  9. Share your photos with us on our facebook page.

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The Popsilos project combines art and agrifood tourism in a circuit that leads to five giant murals celebrating Canada’s 150th on farm silos in the Prescott-Russell countryside, interlacing small producers where visitors can discover local produce and other products.

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